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8 Candy Heart paintings - all at auction now

I got a request for this, so for some fun, I'm re-visiting a subject I haven't painted for many years. All auctions contain detail views. These auctions will last for 3 days and end before noon this Friday. If you send me a note after you win an auction, I can send you a print-quality image of your painting (since it needs a couple more weeks to dry before I can pack and ship).

TRUE LOVE Candy Heart (green), 4x3.5"

MARRY ME Candy Heart (white), 4x3.5"

SOUL MATE Candy Heart (yellow), 4x3.5"

SOUL MATE Candy Heart (pink), 4x3.5"

KISS ME Candy Heart (orange), 4x3.5"

I LOVE YOU Candy Heart (yellow), 4x3.5"

MY HEART Candy Heart (green), 4x3.5"

SOUL MATE Candy Hearts (purple), 4x3.5"

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