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Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship

Two years ago, with great generosity, one of my former high school art teachers initiated the raising of funds to send one of her promising senior art students to my Peto Museum workshop. It was wonderful to have this student in my workshop, and in the spirit of arts and education “paying it forward,” I invite followers of this blog to keep this generous act going. I often write and teach about about mindful practice as it relates to the studio, life, and my teaching, and I aim to create more awareness about mindful studio practice through my Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship.

The goal of the Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship is to offer a subsidized spot in my workshops.

Scholarship awards will be based on your interest, need, and merit, as described in your application. Scholarship awards include tuition to the workshop (not travel/lodging/food expenses).

Preference will be given to applicants who have also contributed something (suggested: $20) to the scholarship fund. 100% of the funds we raise will go towards scholarships.

Donate here.

[Application link removed. Application window is currently closed. Join my email list to find out about the next scholarship offering.]


P.S. It's important to me that we all support arts and education "paying it forward," so that's why I am giving preference to applicants who have also contributed something to the scholarship fund. ANY amount counts, and 100% of the funds we raise together will go towards scholarships (maybe yours!). Donate here.