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Zecchi's Titanium White Pigment (the light, the shade) (+ Vasari Classic Artists' Oil Colors)

Zecchi's Titanium White Pigment (the light, the shade), 2017, oil on linen on panel, 6" x 5"

I am heading to Greece soon, and I realized last week that I was almost out of my favorite ultramarine blue paint. Thankfully, the amazing folks at Vasari were magically able to ship me some ultramarine, as well as cobalt and Prussian blues. (I posted a photo on instagram and facebook.)

If you're interested, a few years ago, I shared just a few of my thoughts on paint. Included in there are some thoughts on Vasari's paint; I'm a huge fan of it because of its purity and handling and consistency. If you contact Vasari, you can purchase a set of my palette of 11 colors. I hope you'll take a moment to check them out; they are an inspiration:
"Like the painter’s apprentice, we still carefully handcraft our colors in small amounts and even fill every tube by hand." [from Vasari's website]
About this painting
This painting is part of my the "light, the shade series" that I began back in December 2012. I wrote about how Robert Lax was the inspiration for this series here. Generous support for my "the light, the shade" series from June 2016-June 2018 is provided by the Norman Johnston Fellowship at Arcadia University.

If you enjoy this painting, you may also like to see a bunch of my paintings of paint tubes or paint pigment. I brought those pigments back with me from Florence, Italy in 2008 (you can see a snapshot I took of the pigments at Zecchi's Art Store here).

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