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03 June 2013

Still Life with Peach & Eucalyptus (+ a Review of my Workshop)

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This was my first demo painting in Sedona. I'd been to Sedona a few times, but this time it felt like a completely new world to me there. One place I visited for the first time was Amitabha Stupa. I posted a few photos of it here, but it's an indescribable place, really. I will say though that it was sunset and very breezy when I was there, and I was lucky to spend time sitting with some curious little bunnies.

One of my totally amazing workshop participants in Sedona wrote two very kind notes on her blog about her time in the workshop:

"I am having so much fun at Abbey Ryan's Sedona workshop this week! Sedona is breathtaking. And what can I say about Abbey? I could sing her praises for hours, but in one word? Simply put, she is amazing. I'm pretty sure she has magical powers." 

"This is my second painting from Abbey's workshop. Painted in natural lighting, the little baseball provided good practice for me. Whites, shadows, highlights...all of the things that trouble me. Abbey makes them all look so easy! I am still thinking about her magical brushwork, and I will forever. If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, please do. Her incredible talent, gentle nature and fun sense of humor make for an unforgettable experience. It was a great week!" ~D. McDowell

She posted her paintings from Sedona, so I encourage you to check out her blog here (and a bonus is that it looks like she's having a spring painting sale). Happy painting, Darla! ;)

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