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04 June 2013

Pear with Japanese Vase (+ more about Sedona)

Oil on linen on panel, 6 x 7 inches, Private Collection, Texas

I posted yesterday about one of my workshop participants, and I realized I forgot to add that Darla's been working with me through my Private Painting Mentoring online. To learn more you can read my description of the Mentoring process, but sometimes it's best to just read what the folks who have done it have to say. Here are some testimonials (used with permission). Darla's testimonial is there, as well as one written by another Sedona workshop participant, Debbie.

In Sedona, it was literally a joyful experience for me to meet and paint with these two artists after mentoring them through the "interwebs." Plus, they had me in hysterics, laughing the entire week — even during my painting demonstrations. Some snapshots of our tamer moments are here on facebook.

Anyway, about the workshop, Debbie wrote:
"A Dream Came True... I just got back from Sedona, taking a workshop with Abbey Ryan, fine artist, painter. I've been following her blog for almost 5 years. I've always loved her work and getting to learn under her teaching was totally amazing and awe inspiring."
She also wrote me a beautiful thank you email after the workshop and I am humbled to share only a snippet of it here:
"Abbey, you have taught me things that have taken me a lifetime to learn. Not just about painting, but life. What you have given me is belief in myself that I know the answers. My art has given me peace in a world that doesn't always. You are truly a blessing in my life. It was so special to meet you in person. I do hope our paths will cross again one day." ~D. Denstorff 
Finally, be sure to take a look at Debbie's painting work at her site here.

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