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Still Life with Silver Pitcher, Two Strawberries, & Concord Grape (Live Demo Painting)

Still Life with Silver Pitcher, Two Strawberries, and Concord Grape (Live Demo Painting)
6x7 inches, oil on linen on panel, 2 November 2018
Click to view auction (larger than my typical auction paintings)

If you're interested, I received this note from an artist who tuned in:

"I loved the whole demo. Thank you. Your live demo was wonderful and so generous to us all. I will gladly watch it over and over because there's always something to learn. Knowing something of your technique -- painting with the one brush, controlling amount of paint, using paper to keep brush clean -- it was a great reminder of your what I call controlled painting freedom. Of course you're working with lots of past knowledge, but to see the image appear, so quickly, clearer and clearer, was exciting, really. I absolutely mean it that I will watch it again and again. What a gift to your followers."

On Friday, Nov 2, I conducted a live painting demonstration in Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University. The event was open to the public and streamed live in HD at This painting (and my live demo) honors the memory of my friend, Jami. The painting is larger than my typical auction paintings and all proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Jami Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship at Arcadia. Read more. Also, if you look closely, there's one of my self portrait of sorts down the middle of the pitcher's reflections.

I posted photos from the event on FB and insta (check back because I'll be adding more), and I invite you to watch the full recording of my live demo (short time lapse coming soon):

Video and Photo Credit: Natavan Werbock, Arcadia University

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