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Still Life with Pear, Black Grapes, and Handmade Cup, 6x8”

Private Collection

Last month, I was a visiting artist at the renowned Academy of Realist Art in Boston. This painting is another one of my demo paintings from the three-day seminar. The group of painters who attended the seminar was just awesome.

If you're interested, here are two more reviews from painters who attended:

"This was the most fun I've had in a long time! Abbey was so kind and thoughtful in her one-on-one comments. As a beginner, I was charmed and surprised by it all. After seeing how Abbey works, I have more confidence that I can do something good, too. I had only worked with acrylics before, and working with oils for the first time was rewarding. I saw that it's good to take time and work slowly, thoughtfully -- think about what you are doing before rushing in. I discovered the benefits of mixing colors carefully and working in layers, starting with the darkest values first. It was a revelation that you could do so many strokes with just one brush. And the smallest touch of paint can make all the difference in the world." ~BK

"Best class I have ever taken. Abbey is very generous in sharing her ideas, knowledge and experience. I haven’t painted a complete painting for a number of years…was feeling rusty. I knew there would be a lot of more experienced painters. I never really used oil paints and was unsure of the media. I especially like the demonstration in the morning and painting in the afternoon. I
learned a lot from listening and watching Abbey. Overall, don’t hesitate [to study with Abbey], you won’t will feel intimidated, or inadequate….she is very welcoming, and supportive of all levels." ~MAS

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