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Peach on a Wood Block, 5x6” (+ recent testimonial)

Private Collection

Last month, I was a visiting artist at the renowned Academy of Realist Art in Boston. This painting is one of my demo paintings from the three-day seminar. It was an amazing space, and an even more awesome group of people who attended. 🙏

If you're interested, here's part of a review from a painter who attended:

"Going into this workshop a bit anxious and reserved, I appreciated the calm, meditative, and supportive atmosphere Abbey created in the studio.

I appreciated the thoughtful and specific feedback I received from Abbey. I noticed that as peers asked her questions either about her own work or theirs, she was often quiet for an extended period of time as she carefully thought through her explanation before answering. I remember thinking how Abbey's silence was just another extension of her approach to painting; her answers were always mindful and clear.

I loved being able to watch Abbey work from start to finish on a still life painting. I gained so much knowledge from simply observing her, and found myself making connections about her process and technique from one day/painting to the next.

I learned so much in three short days! I could go on and on about working with oils, the medium, the brushes, the technique, but that wasn't the most impactful part for me. I entered the workshop on day one nervous and full of anxiety. I left on day three confident in my skills and ability, much more relaxed, and inspired to paint more. The positive feedback I received from Abbey (specifically in regards to my color mixing and drawing skills) was the affirmation I needed to push some of my own doubts away." ~EC

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