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27 September 2017

Waves in Fog, Martha's Vineyard, 6x8 (+ Winners here)

At the bottom of this painting, there are some (unavoidable) specks of authentic Martha's Vineyard sand caught in the paint. It was windy. On that topic, this is how sand looks magnified up to 300 times. You can see this and other MV paintings on my easel on facebook or instagram (viewable to everyone, even if you're not on those platforms).

Free Print Giveaway
I am delayed in announcing the winners -- there were so many entries to sort out. I picked 13 people instead of 10! You can view the winners here on instagram or here on facebook. If you won, please send me your mailing information at asap. Thank you for participating! I will do this sort of contest again soon, so please add your email to my list and you'll find out about it first.

If you enjoy this painting, you may also like to see Lucy Vincent Beach, Martha's Vineyard, Foggy Day (at auction) and Aquinnah Cliffs, Martha's Vineyard, 9x12 (available).

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