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28 September 2017

Sunny Day, Martha's Vineyard (+ "one in a million")

Sunny Day, Aquinnah Beach, Martha's Vineyard, 4x6

Ending soon: 
Still Life with Italian Plum and Silver Creamer (A Meditation on 10 Years)
Auction ends at 7:30PM EST today

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There are a few spots left in my upcoming Oct. 14-15 Peto Museum workshop and Nov. 11-12 Artists of Yardley workshopRegister today if you'd like to paint with me.

This short film shows what my workshops are like and below are some reviews of my workshops:

"Anyone who ever meets you and experiences your deep and gentle soul and wonderful teaching skills knows how true this is. You are one in a million.

"Your painting and instruction and inspiration were terrific. There was a growing excitement to see you paint and what you would paint next, and then the rest of the day for us to plod along with our own work, so I felt the time schedule was perfect. And I don't mean to sound like some adoring fanatic (I had read some glowing reviews of your workshops and sort of took them with a grain of salt), but it's ALL TRUE. Thank you so much for your incredible ability to share. You are a great teacher."

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and learning from you. Your technique of sketching in your objects loosely to start is very freeing. Your brushwork and completed works are beautiful. I get such a pleasure from remembering your peaceful nature and inspirational work. Thank you. I look forward to taking another workshop with you."

"Thank you so much for an outstanding workshop! I really appreciate the time you spent helping me learn so much… and while I feel that I got far more than I expected, I know that there is so much more for me to learn. And this is good because I will never get bored on the never ending journey of exploration & discovery! I hope you are able to come back to teach at Falmouth… we were so very fortunate to have you here this week. And perhaps I will get to one of your workshops in the Philadelphia or NJ area."

"I am still basking in the memory of your workshop with great joy. I just wanted to thank you again for your gentle way and sincere kindness. Looking forward to receiving my Abbey Ryan demo painting to add to my collection. Such an honor!"

"Abbey has inspired me and given me hope. The more I read on Abbey's website, the more I knew I had to meet her and take a workshop with her. Since the workshop, her words and instruction have restored confidence in me. No one on earth could ever ask for more! I felt such peace while taking her class -- Abbey set such a wonderful tone for the workshop. Since the workshop, the best changes I have noticed have been mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to enjoy the process and now know how to honor the creative part of me that has been dormant too long. After just one day, Abbey made such a difference in my life and I'm sure soooooo many more. I thank Abbey from the bottom of my heart for sharing her gift so beautifully and being the sweet and generous person that she is."

"Abbey's approach has been life changing for me. Her limited palette, relaxed attitude and the ability to emotionally connect with her subject right away and stay with that connection was eye opening. Abbey was very open in sharing her information during the demonstration and her personal input into my painting was so much appreciated. I feel I have a new perspective. This was the best gift I could give myself and I will most definitely recommend this to all my artist friends."

"I've taken three of Abbey's workshops, all in Sedona. They have all been a wonderful experience. Initially, I took Abbey's workshop because of my frustration about wanting to paint but not knowing how to get started and really connect with the process.
Abbey's workshops are so productive in terms of what one can absorb and accomplish in a short amount of time. I was initially attracted to her workshop because of an interest in the 'Painting a Day' concept and the smaller scale of the work seemed manageable for a beginner.
I love taking her workshops because I feel that I can connect with what and how Abbey is teaching because of the the honoring way in which Abbey coaches the students through their challenges and roadblocks -- which I find so supportive to my particular process. Abbey creates a safe, inspiring learning environment.
Before I signed up for the workshop, I was worried that as a beginner, I wouldn't be able to keep up. At first I felt a little intimidated, but because Abbey works with people on the level that they are at, she made me feel that none of that mattered and I was able to focus more on what I wanted to get out of the class.
I have to admit that the idea that Abbey was in O Magazine caught my attention as well as her spots on TV shows etc. But to tell you the truth, I just had a feeling when I studied Abbey's paintings and watched her demos that pulled me in. Watching Abbey's video demonstrations on line where fascinating to me and convinced me that she was the teacher for me.
What I liked best about the workshop was watching Abbey paint, personal instruction, the supportive, creative atmosphere that she creates during the week!"

"Having experienced Sedona last year, I came back because I knew Abbey would be able to easily articulate any difficulties I may have and help me to solve them.
I tend to get overwhelmed with so many choices, and Abbey always brings me back to the fundamentals: the joy of painting, realism, color, the tactile joy of putting brush to canvas - all those myriad of elements that merge in my brain to create something I can be proud of.
Abbey's calm demeanor and sincerity are not something described in her workshop description, but they are of immense value to me. And they're such rare qualities in an instructor!
Abbey remove her ego from the process. She is an excellent listener; and in my experience most people just want to be heard and their anxieties about painting recognized, so they can then put them away. Abbey respects other's opinions. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge about technique and processes. All of these qualities set Abbey far apart from other presenters and workshops I've attended.
Since Sedona, I'm not afraid to put my art out there for sale, which says a lot about my confidence. I've met some super people that I will continue to stay in contact with. Abbey is consistently intelligent, generous and funny (yes, funny is important to me!)
Also, I'm much more positive, confident and quick about it than I used to be. I guess that's called learning and practice! Watching and learning from Abbey, for the first time I can honestly say I love the challenge of color and finally may be starting to 'get' it. This, after years of thinking I was a lousy colorist!
Abbey makes me feel like I can find my own way. That's priceless."

"My painting is a work-in-progress, and I'm enjoying the learning process. It is my passion. Abbey's individual instruction and comments allow me to see the areas in my painting that need the most work. I value and appreciate her constructive criticism. This was my third workshop, and I can honestly say that I learn new things with each workshop. It is amazing.
I'm a visual learner, so Abbey's incredible demos are my favorite facet of the workshop.
I have attended several other workshops, but most use artificial lighting for still life work. Abbey was the first artist to recommend using only natural light, and it has made such a difference. Also, the Sedona Art Center provides the perfect forum for studying the nuances of working with natural light."

"I have been painting for many years and am most interested in the experience of painting. In other words, I am fascinated by choosing subjects, seeing if I can get a little conversation out of them, working with oils, being fascinated by the way color has its own life, etc. The frustration of working in the studio in a vacuum inspired me to work with Abbey. I admire her work, I love to watch the development of her paintings, and having gone to the Sedona workshop last year, I felt I would benefit from her critiques and example.

Abbey's workshop is excellent on several levels. Mostly it has to do with how she feels about teaching. By example, the demonstration is repeated 5 times, and it is clear that she is fluent in describing what she does, as she demos it, and simultaneously answers questions from the students. Next, as we all paint, she spends each day visiting ALL of the students, painting with us, commenting on composition, use of paint, making (great!!!) color suggestions. At the end of the workshop, I felt Abbey had given me valuable and usable information. I might also add, that the fellow artists who took this class were just wonderful people and I completely enjoyed the opportunity to meet them and paint with them.

The benefit of a good workshop is to go home and want to paint. I do that and feel like I am using my time well and feel very lucky to have this experience.

I would recommend Abbey's workshop to anyone who would like to spend serious time painting, anyone who would like to demystify the process, anyone who needs to take their painting to the next level.

Abbey's workshops are excellent."

"My biggest struggle is making painting and drawing a priority in my life and learning how to carve out chunks of studio time. I really appreciated witnessing Abbey's process, and what I liked best about the workshop was her amazing, gorgeous paintings, and her approach to painting as a daily spiritual practice. I LOVED the entire format and the tone of the workshop -- it was a calm, relaxed, supportive, inspirational, and productive atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be there to learn and work. The Sedona landscape was spectacular, too! Can't wait to do it again!!!"

"Abbey has a rare talent -- that of a gifted painter and teacher. I gained so much from watching her meticulously set up her still life, while describing the importance of placement and light. Her demos were invaluable -- explaining everything from materials to process -- and the outcome magical. I loved Abbey's wonderful energy and the overall ambiance of this workshop -- peaceful, creative, supportive, and challenging all at the same time. I am so thankful so have had the opportunity to meet and work with this amazing artist."

"I found Abbey to be one of the most sharing and giving, as well as talented, of any instructor I've ever had."

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