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25 July 2016

Still Life with Cherries on a Delft Plate (+ What is "The Innernet"?)

The philosophy behind "The Innernet" and my motivation for creating it can be found here. During the 1-week retreat, I will host two live calls. You may submit questions in advance and call in to talk with me live. (We’ll be recording the calls in case you can’t make it live.) The heart of the course is your #digitaldetox from the Internet. Unplugging can be nerve-wracking, and how you unplug is up to you. You could turn off mail and social media alerts on your phone so you only access them when you sit down at your computer. You might choose to put your phone in airplane mode. You might want complete Freedom. (Knowing though that it’s possible that you may need to receive text messages or phone calls depending on your profession or situation.) Going offline isn’t an easy thing to do, so you should definitely only do what you can and what feels right to you. The Innernet is meant to be a positive, flexible, rejuvenating, fun experience. Read more here. If you're curious, use coupon code BECURIOUS for $25 off -- and it's even better if you share it with friends/colleagues.

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