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18 May 2016

Sake Bottle (present moment) (+ Johnston Fellowship News)

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Last month, I mentioned that soon I would be able to announce some big news. Today, I'm excited and honored to share that I was selected as the inaugural recipient of Arcadia University's Dr. Norman Johnston Faculty Fellowship. The fellowship begins June 1, 2016 and ends May 31, 2018.

I'll continue with my painting a day blog -- and in addition my fellowship research will consist of a two-year study focusing on my the light, the shade painting series started in December 2012. In 2017, I will spend at least a month painting on an island in Greece, and at the end of the two years, I'll be able to mount an exhibition of the work I create for this project. I will share much more information and details in the coming months.

If you've followed my blog, my "the light, the shade" paintings are part of my daily painting work and are inspired by American poet Robert Lax's minimalist poetry, Lax's contemplative life on Patmos, Greece (one of the oldest known penal colonies in history), and Dr. Norman Johnston’s writings on “monastic imprisonment.” If you're not familiar, I first wrote about Robert Lax as the inspiration for my "the light, the shade" paintings here.

The Dr. Norman Johnston Faculty Fellowship was endowed by the estate of Dr. Norman Johnston to encourage talented and dedicated faculty members to excel in research and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences and to share their knowledge with the University community. The fellowship promotes the values of Professor Emeritus Norman Johnston, who understood the central role of faculty in the education process, the open exchange of ideas, and the engagement of the entire University community. Dr. Johnston joined Arcadia in 1962 and was an international expert on the history of prison architecture. He taught at the University for 30 years, retiring in 1992. Dr. Johnston passed away in October 2012 at the age of 91.

P.S. Today's sake bottle painting is part of my "present moment" series of paintings; I've painted this sake bottle three times before, and the most recent time was back in 2010.

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