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11 August 2015

Pohnpeian Cowry Shell (+ very generous comment)

Pohnpeian Cowry Shell
6 x 4 inches, oil on linen on panel, framed, 2015
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In this painting is another cowry shell that I brought back from Pohnpei, Micronesia (north Pacific) when I lived there during the summer of 2001. I went to do volunteer work and SCUBA diving at a marine science lab. This is my second time painting one of these remarkable cowry shells.

Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship
To learn more and contribute a bit to this fund, click here. I am grateful for any support you can offer so I can give out workshop scholarships. (by the way: I am looking into the issue of donating from Canada -- thanks to those of you who brought that to my attention!)

Workshop recap & comment
My recent Sedona Arts Center workshop was off-the-charts amazing. What an incredible group of painters. If you're considering one of my workshops, I can share a bit of feedback below from one of my awesome participants from Sedona. I'm particularly honored by Catherine's last line at the bottom:
"Having experienced Sedona last year, I came back because I knew Abbey would be able to easily articulate any difficulties I may have and help me to solve them. 
I tend to get overwhelmed with so many choices, and Abbey always brings me back to the fundamentals: the joy of painting, realism, color, the tactile joy of putting brush to canvas -- all those myriad of elements that merge in my brain to create something I can be proud of. 
Abbey's calm demeanor and sincerity are not something described in her workshop description, but they are of immense value to me. And they're such rare qualities in an instructor! 
Abbey removes her ego from the process. She is an excellent listener; and in my experience most people just want to be heard and their anxieties about painting recognized, so they can then put them away. Abbey respects other's opinions. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge about technique and processes. All of these qualities set Abbey far apart from other presenters and workshops I've attended. 
Since Sedona, I'm not afraid to put my art out there for sale, which says a lot about my confidence. At the workshops, I've met some super people that I will continue to stay in contact with.  
Abbey is consistently intelligent, generous and funny (yes, funny is important to me!) 
Also, I'm much more positive, confident and quick about painting than I used to be. I guess that's called learning and practice! Watching and learning from Abbey, for the first time I can honestly say I love the challenge of color and finally may be starting to 'get' it. This, after years of thinking I was a lousy colorist! 
Abbey makes me feel like I can find my own way. That's priceless."
~Catherine Twomey, (check out her work!)
I'll post some more testimonials soon.

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