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01 July 2015

Red Pear with Leaf (+ introducing my solo show)

The will be on view in my show, but is already sold.

This month, I'll be mounting a solo exhibition of new paintings at Gleason Fine Art gallery in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. If you are nearby, I will be at the artist reception on Friday evening, August 7. The exhibition, which will include my still life, landscape, and trompe l'oeil works, will be on view from July 30-September 1.

I primarily sell my daily paintings online using eBay because it is a universal and easy-to-use auction platform. However, I've found over the years that I also enjoy having some of my work represented by one or two fine galleries. I do this for two reasons: first, it means that many more people can experience in person the "presence" of a painting and painterly nuances of my work that are impossible to see on a computer screen. Second, it motivates me to switch up my daily practice and push my work towards larger and more complex subject matter. I find that this always then adds a certain vitality back into my daily paintings, and brings up ideas and concepts in my daily practice that are unexpected.

One note: for some, it may go without saying, but it is imperative to work with a gallery that has come recommended from a trusted source (I have had a couple of terrible experiences with galleries over the years). Gleason Fine Art came recommended to my by one of my very best collectors in NYC, and I've been happy to have them represent my work since 2010. They are top notch, and are at the forefront of representing 19th century through 21st century realist painting. By the way: Gleason Fine Art is mentioned in this month's issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine in an article entitled "Maine is for Art Lovers" on page 100.

I hope you'll come see my new work and say hi on August 7.


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