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26 June 2015

Silver Cup with Peach and Blackberries (+ Private Painting Mentoring spots open now)

I have received so many applications for my Private Painting Mentoring this spring. Since I am now finishing up preparations for my upcoming August solo show in Maine, I am opening up a limited number of Private Painting Mentoring spots starting in mid-August.

Apply now because spots are first come, first served.

If you're considering it, below is a Private Painting Mentoring testimonial:
"I'm not sure I have met another teacher who is so willing to give and share, and put in so much effort to finding out the needs of her students. 
Abbey is a gem. 
I took Abbey's Sedona workshop, so my hesitations about signing up for Private Painting Mentoring were quickly dispelled after I met her and experienced the quality and depth of her teaching. Yes, there were hesitations about signing up for the Private Painting Mentoring. There was, of course, the cost. Not many of us painters have unlimited funds. However, after giving it some thought I realized if there was ever something I wanted to do.... and should do.... it was the mentoring, so I bit the bullet. Good thing, too! 
Since my Mentoring session, I feel watching and listening to Abbey up close has been an experience that I will never forget. I appreciate her personalized specific instruction on setting a program to follow to learn about yourself (the painter, the materials, the setting, etc). 
I would definitely recommend Private Painting Mentoring. Abbey is a teacher and a person who is concerned about the progress of her pupil ... and she is a person who is so willing to give so much time and effort to her students." ~M. Hershberger
If you prefer private instruction without traveling to a workshop, my online Private Painting Mentoring may interest you. Over the last three years, I've worked with painters in Europe, China, and all across the US. I'm thrilled to mentor and learn from such remarkable folks.

If it's helpful to read more comments from those who have completed Private Painting Mentoring, you can read feedback from some painters in the program (along with a profile on their work, used with permission).

It is an important decision to invest in yourself, so please read the testimonials and here's more information:


  1. Private Painting Mentoring is an online program, so you can be anywhere in the world.
  2. Simple high-speed internet works just fine.
  3. Yes, I do happily work with non-painter artists.
  4. Read testimonials from Private Painting Mentoring participants here.
All my best,

P.S. this is another painting from Sedona, and, as promised, I will also post soon about my workshop there and travels in Sedona and Patagonia last month.

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