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13 March 2015

Yardley workshop - 2 spots just opened up

My March 28-29 Artists of Yardley workshop was full but 2 spots just opened up due to last minute cancellations. If you'd like to come paint with me, sign up. Here's a new bit of workshop feedback:
"The best part of the workshop was the one on one time with Abbey. Typically, I find it difficult to get serious, specific, actionable feedback. Abbey's comments are truly constructive critic and I sincerely feel she is "on my team" and wants me to succeed. 
My demo during a 2013 Yardley workshop
I loved the refreshed enthusiasm from the workshop; it was very encouraging. I enjoyed being in the presence of so many talented people and just talking and listening about our art. I think Abbey does a wonderful job. Even the class size is perfect. 
Abbey is a great talent as an artist and as a communicator."    -RP

If you're interested, you can read more feedback about my workshops. To purchase my work, view my Available Paintings.

Enjoy the weekend,