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05 March 2015

Partially Peeled Lemon (present moment)

The last time I painted a partially peeled lemon was in 2010, and that painting, Still Life with Peeled Lemon and Temmoku Bottle, was also featured in O, the Oprah Magazine. If you're interested, you can see that article here.

As I mentioned last week, I am working on an important project, and until I am ready to announce it (hopefully later this month), here's another something I am reading:
"The Mangroves"
As I said before, I am living now
in a warm place, surrounded by
mangroves. Mostly I walk beside
them, they discourage entrance.
The black oaks and the pines
of my northern home are in my heart,
even as I hear them whisper, "Listen,
we are trees too." Okay, I'm trying. They
certainly put on and endless performance
of leaves. Admiring is easy, but affinity,
that does take some time. So many
and so leggy and all of them rising as if
attempting to escape this world which, don't
they know it, can't be done. "Are you
trying to fly or what?" I ask, and they
answer back, "We are what we are, you
are what you are, love us if you can." 
~ Mary Oliver, Blue Horses, p. 35
As the auction for my painting, Clementine with Stem on Marble, ends tonight at 7PM EST -- and it's snowing in blizzard-like fashion right now in Philadelphia -- I am reminded that there was a blizzard outside in Perugia, Italy, when I last painted a clementine with stem on a marble (in March 2009). Hopefully it won't be snowing this spring when I'll be traveling and painting in Assisi and Rome to study Baroque art.

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