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16 October 2013

Concord Grapes with Valdeón Blue (Made in Spain) (+ My Upcoming Travels to Spain)

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Today's painting is inspired by my upcoming travels to Barcelona and Madrid. This blue cheese caught my eye as a painting subject because it is beautifully wrapped in leaves. Other than finding its appearance appealing, I didn't know anything about it, so I decided to read up on it. Here's what I learned about Valdeón Blue (made in Spain by Mitica) from the importer Forever Cheese's site:
"Valdeón Blue cheese is made deep in the Picos de Europa, just outside of the province of León. Produced with cow and goat’s milk, Valdeón is sought after because it is milder than DOP Cabrales and is still characteristically wrapped in leaves which make for an appealing presentation. It has an excellent balance of sweet and tangy, with a nice earthiness at the finish."
I haven't tasted it yet, but Valdeón Blue was excellent to paint. ;-)

While I am traveling in Spain to paint, I will also be looking at workshop venues to teach a possible "A Painting a Day" workshop in summer 2014. So, I am wondering: would you like to paint with me in Spain? If so, please email me to let me know you're interested. (I'm also considering a summer workshop in Italy, too. To find out first about my new workshop offerings, sign up for information here.)

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