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19 September 2012

Three Seckel Pears (& big day coming up)

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I wanted to mention that I have an anniversary of sorts coming up on Sunday. I started my painting a day project on September 23, 2007. For my first "daily painting," I picked a pink zinnia from my neighbor's garden and painted it. :) I'll write more on this in a few days, so sign up here if you want to receive that.

Anyway, just today I enjoyed that Seth Godin wrote about "the simple power of one a day." May not be for everyone, but I certainly find joy in it and recommend both his post AND creatively doing something -- one a day. (I also enjoy visualizing my paintings as molehills. :)

If you enjoy this painting, please leave me a comment.

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Cynthia said...

I like the asymmetry and its warm tones. It also reminds me of a famous icon of the holy visitors at Mamre (also taken for the Trinity), just the way the stems are inclined toward each other.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I love that! That one first day has so much power. Just the thought of it is inspiring. Thank you for being a trailblazer. You continue to inspire me as I have taken on the challenge of teaching myself to painting in oils. I love my first day. Thanks for the reminder. :)
Carolina Elizabeth