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Heirloom Tomato on Blue Block from Patmos, Greece (+ Wendell Berry on “Rugged Individualism”)

I've been away from posting auctions the last week because I've been focusing on painting larger more complex paintings. I will be ready to start posting some of those larger works in the next several days.

Related to my postings on mindful studio practice, I often read renowned writer Maria Popova's work (my previous mentions here). As I often spend my time closely observing the beautiful fruits of our planet, her piece on "Wendell Berry on the Grandeur of Small Places and the Perils of Our 'Rugged Individualism'" caught my eye. This is an excerpt towards the very end of the piece:

"Under the tyranny of 'rugged individualism,' this profound disconnect between our personal interests and our world’s wellbeing is a rift rooted in pitting the wilderness as an antagonist to human progress and seeing the welfare of the two as mutually exclusive — a pie fallacy which began at least as early as the Industrial Revolution and which Bertrand Russell bemoaned in his 1930 classic, observing that we’ve come to measure our progress by our 'separation from the life of Earth.'" Read more.

If you enjoy this painting, you may also like to see my other paintings of this blue block from Patmos, Greece.

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