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Self-portrait in a Blue Vase with Italian Plums, Peach, and Eucalyptus, 12x24"

Self-portrait in a Blue Vase with Italian Plums, Peach, and Eucalyptus
12x24 inches
Oil on linen on panel
Sold ($9,000)

Here's another Maria Popova article, "What Color Is The Wind?":

"'What is essential is invisible to the eye,' Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry wrote in The Little Prince. Those bereft of vision, therefore, need not be bereft of the essential — they discern it by means other than sight. The richness of that otherness is what Belgian artist and author Anne Herbauts came to see in a surprising and profound question from a blind child. During a bookmaking workshop she was leading, a little boy asked her whether she, as an artist, could tell him what color the wind was — a notion of the same trans-sensory, synesthetic quality as Helen Keller’s electrifying account of 'hearing' Beethoven..." [Keep reading]

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