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19 September 2017

Still Life with Bird's Egg, Apple with Leaves, and Ike's Handmade Vase (+ update on auctions)

Back in May, I asked for your comments on using auction sites. Thank you for all your replies! The overwhelming response was that eBay auctions are the easiest. However, if you don't use eBay, I usually have a small group of available non-auction paintings. Email me to inquire.

Anyway, there were a few questions regarding last minute bidding. I think the best answer is that eBay has a built-in proxy system that allows bidders to enter their pre-determined maximum bid. All you do is enter your maximum bid and let the auction proceed. From eBay's site: "If the auction ends for less than your maximum, that's all you'll have to pay. eBay will only use as much of your bid as necessary to win. Just enter your highest maximum bid once, and eBay will take care of the bidding for you." One comment I received about max bids was this: "stick what you are willing to pay as a hidden max bid and be done with it." That said, if you're interested, another commenter told me that eBay does allow people to use online auction "sniping" sites to assist them with end-of-auction bidding. I have never used one, so do your due diligence if you decide to try it.

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