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29 December 2016

The Innernet (#DigitalDetox) with Abbey Ryan

I have always loved the digital detox that happens naturally during my painting travels because I am unplugged. However, as an artist who represents my own paintings online, balanced Internet time needs to be the rule, not the exception.

Forbes advocated for it in 2014, Wikipedia captured it, and now there are trademarked retreats and stores. The retreats could be great, but I know that the true value of digital detox (what I call "The Innernet") comes not in extracting ourselves from our daily lives or disparaging the Internet, but in embedding the Innernet balance into the fabric our daily lives. It's more sustainable that way, and has a greater impact.

"The Innernet" is the name I've been using for a couple years to describe #DigitalDetox for artists, makers, creatives, writers, thinkers, families, anyone really. I am doing a 2-part series with live 60-minute lecture/Q&A/mentoring/coaching calls about the Innernet and then I invite you to join me in your own version of #DigitalDetox. This is your own version of taking a "break" from the Internet. Unplugging entirely can seem impossible. How you unplug is up to you. You could start by turning off mail and social media notifications on your phone/computer. You could choose to put your phone in airplane mode for a few hours each day. You might want the computer App Freedom or the Smartphone App Offtime. If you need to receive text messages and phone calls depending on your situation or profession, you'll do that. Going offline isn’t always simple, so you do what you can. During your time offline, there is no goal to be reached. You are free to just be and do those things you wish you had more time for......

The series starts January 2nd. Read more.