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18 July 2016

Romeo Y Julieta Cigar (+ Anne Truitt on the Difference Between Doing Art and Being an Artist)

A book worth reading is Anne Truitt's Daybook: The Journal of an Artist, and Maria Popova gives a good taste of it here:

"At the age of fifty-three, the influential artist Anne Truitt (March 16, 1921–December 23, 2004) confronted the existential discomfort any creative person feels in facing a major retrospective of his or her work — the Corcoran Gallery of Art had just staged one of Truitt’s. A retrospective, she felt, forces upon the artist a finite definition — this is what your work is, this who you are. It attempts to make visible and static those invisible, ever-fluid forces that compel an artist to make art.

To tease out her unease, Truitt set out to explore the dimensions of her personality and her creative impulse in a diary, in which she wrote diligently for a period of seven years. It was eventually published as Daybook: The Journal of an Artist — an extraordinary, soul-stretching collection of meditations on the trials, triumphs, and self-transcendence of the creative life...." [Keep reading]

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