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20 January 2015

Contest Winner (+ Yardley Workshop Now Open - March 28-29)

My 2-day March 28-29 workshop at Artists of Yardley is now open for registration. My Yardley workshops fill up fast, and space is limited. Register today to reserve your spot. Note: you need to click the link and then scroll down.

If you're interested, these photos give a glimpse into the vibe of my workshops, and AoY's beautiful studios are featured in this video where I talk about my approach to teaching:

In this workshop, I'll focus on how you can strengthen your approach to painting and your internal painting dialogue so you’ll have positive painting experiences. My perspective balances all there is to love about painting (a LOT!), with what I have identified as the most universally challenging aspects of painting. Read more here.

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Last year in my Artists of Yardley workshop, one of the painters shared with me how he took advantage of his long work commute time... to paint.

On. The. Train. (see photo)

How inspiring. In my workshops, I talk with so many painters about my strategies to manage the fact that life's challenges and roadblocks sometimes (often?) keep us from doing what we love: painting. I hope that perhaps this photo can provide a bit of perspective on the matter.

Last but not least, I would like to announce my Private Painting Mentoring contest winner. Thank you all so much for your interest in my online mentoring program, and it was such a pleasure to read through all of the submissions. It was incredibly difficult to decide, but I've notified the winner: Kay Stauffer from Pennsylvania, USA. Congrats, Kay!