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08 October 2012

October Seascape

It seemed like a typical chilly and overcast October day when I painted this yesterday at the beach. However, as I was setting up to paint, and just before it started to get dark, an unexpected gift became the subject of this painting: a patch of light broke through in one small area near the horizon. This patch of light created the kind of contrast that makes the distant horizon suddenly feel very close to you. I don't see this effect very often (last time I saw it was in Cuba), but it's stunning. I also particularly like it because I think it makes the world feel, for a brief moment, a little less gigantic.

Speaking of making the world feel less gigantic... if you aren't following her blog already, I wanted to share a new writing piece by Regina Tingle. I enjoy the sense of (and for) humanity in her writing. Don't take my word for it -- read here (and then go back and read her earlier posts, too).

Last but not least, I recently visited the National Gallery in D.C., and I'm working on a post (or two) about all the terrific things I saw (some highlights: a room of John F. Peto gems and the special exhibition of works by Dutch painter Willem van Aelst). I've posted quite a bit about Peto lately (see here). Anyway, I'll try to finish the National Gallery post tomorrow or Wednesday. If you'd like to be the first to receive my thoughts and stories about my museum visits, sign up below or click here (it's free).

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