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26 September 2012

My Favorite Poet

I thought of sending out a short note today because it is the anniversary of American poet Robert Lax's death. (Lax was a contemporary of my namesake (Thomas Merton), and Merton and Lax were also friends with the painter Ad Reinhardt.)

I'll plan to write more about Lax another time, but one thing I will share now is that my dad was a pen pal of sorts with Lax, and I have a wonderful cigar box of their letters in my studio.

Via Thomas Merton Center
I consider myself a very new (and humble) student of the work of Lax, Merton, and Reinhardt, but their work continues to have an impact on my mindset, studio practice, intentions, and outlook. If you're not familiar with their various works, I'd recommend taking a look.

Have a great day,

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