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11 December 2009


Hi, Everyone.

This past Sunday, December 6th, just before sunset, we let our sweet springer spaniel Cale go. Cale amazingly fought cancer (outliving her prognosis many times over), and in the end, she left her body due to complications from pancreatitis. There are no words to explain how much joy she brought all who knew her or how much she'll be missed.

I'd like this post to be a thank you and tribute to Cale's local veterinarian, Dr. Judith Shoemaker. Dr. Shoemaker is the most incredible doctor, teacher, mentor, and friend. She offers care by way of holistic & integrative medicine and therapy, and it is not an exaggeration to say that her practices are healing and life-changing for both pets and pet-owners. We will always be grateful for all she and her staff lovingly gave to Cale and to us. (Thank you, Robin, Donna, Diane, and Susan!) If you have a beloved pet, and if you live within a day's drive (or even two days!) to her clinic in Lancaster County, PA, take yourself and your pet to see Dr. Judith Shoemaker. She will offer you a perspective that is truly focused on health and healing, and this will make all the difference. (I think she also does phone consultations). Read about Dr. Shoemaker and her practice here.

We'd also like to thank Dr. Tina Aiken, who treated Cale for the last year, including caring for Cale during her final week with us. Dr. Aiken's warmth, generosity, and extensive knowledge of conventional and complementary medicine helped to keep Cale active and healthy right up to the end. Not many dogs go through cancer treatment without it affecting their quality of life, and while also getting healthier. Dr. Aiken was a constant and invaluable support, as was her incredible staff, Nancy and Laura -- thank you so much for your kindness. Dr. Aiken's practice is located in Ancramdale, NY (north of New Paltz), and she also does phone consultations. Read about Dr. Aiken here.

One of my closest friends aptly described this experience: "They find a place in our hearts that is so very deep, and I picture them burying a bone there, firmly installed, for you now, forever."

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