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12 October 2009

Still Life with Fig and Tenmoku Bottle

8 x 6 in., oil on linen on panel
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I've painted this bottle a couple of times recently, and this is the first painting that shows the entire bottle. It's a handmade bottle with tenmoku glaze made by an amazing West coast artist, Sequoia Miller. Sequoia had an exhibition this past summer here in Philadelphia at the Works Gallery, and I was lucky enough to acquire two of his bottles. Please take a moment to check out Sequoia's work -- it's captivating. Sequoia told me by email that it's rare for him to make a "round" bottle (usually his are angular), so I feel fortunate to have this and one other bottle (that I have not painted yet). I am very interested in the dynamic of working with living ceramic artists, painting their functional (and non-functional) pottery. As I painted this, I thought to myself, "Morandi would have loved Sequoia's work."