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Still Life with Copper Bowl and Three Eggs (Homage to Chardin, 1732)

Still Life with Copper Bowl and Three Eggs (Homage to Chardin, 1732), oil on linen on panel, 8x10"

These three eggs (and feather) were a gift from our neighbors who have chickens. In warm weather, their chickens often roam free and sometimes wander into our backyard. When my window is open, I can hear them scratching around for bugs all the way up on the third floor.

This painting composition is an homage to Jean Siméon Chardin and his still life from 1732, in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. From the DIA website: "Chardin was already famous by 1730 when he started painting small still lifes of kitchen utensils. In this work, the artist pared down the elements to a few, simple objects. Chardin typically used the same elements in other compositions, varying slightly the position of the objects or adding or subtracting a utensil. Hailed as a visionary artist, Chardin is nonetheless rooted in the art of eighteenth-century France, and the metaphysical quality of his compositions (as seen through modern eyes) does not mean that they are timeless. They bring the viewer instead into an earthly world and into the creative process of one of the greatest French painters of all time."

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