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30 September 2015

Still Life with Fig and Concord Grapes No. 2 (+ Leonardo da Vinci)

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Right now, I'm co-teaching a course with a leading Leonardo da Vinci scholar about the history and practice of drawing, beginning with the Renaissance. Dr. Jill Pederson and I created this unique cross-disciplinary course, so I will make a note to share more about it later.

Last week, we taught our students about Leonardo and his nature studies, which I often study and think about in my own work. I'll write more on Leonardo later, but I realized that I haven't yet shared a review of my recent solo exhibition at Gleason Fine Art. Here it is:

"Philadelphia artist ABBEY RYAN makes some of the most exquisite still life paintings you will ever see. Her background includes undergraduate and graduate work in both fine art and medicine, a combination that would have been understood and appreciated by such great Renaissance artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo."

P.S. If you're interested, just about 6 years ago I painted another fig and concord grapes daily painting.

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