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Two Bosc Pears with Bird's Egg (+ Mozart's daily routine)

Two Bosc Pears with Bird's Egg
oil on linen on panel, 2019, 7"x6"
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This painting is available for a buy now/make offer price because it is larger than my typical auction paintings. ("Make Best Offer" is easy and lets you offer a price you're willing to pay to secure your purchase of this painting. I can then accept, reject, or counter your offer.) Framing is available upon request after auction closes.


Related to my postings on mindful studio practice, I often read renowned writer Maria Popova's work (my previous mentions here).

Here's a bit from her piece on Mozart’s Daily Routine: 'How a day is composed in the hours between sleep o’clock and symphony o’clock.'

"'The patterns of our lives reveal us. Our habits measure us,' Mary Oliver wrote in contemplating how our routines give shape to our inner lives. This, perhaps, is why we’re so transfixed by the daily routines of great artists, writers, and scientists — a sort of magical thinking under the spell of which we come to believe that if we were to replicate the routines of geniuses, we would also replicate some dimension of their inner lives and, in turn, their outer greatness....

"[Mozart:] I am writing this at eleven at night, because I have no other leisure time. We cannot very well rise before eight o’clock, for in our rooms (on the ground-floor) it is not light till half-past eight. I then dress quickly; at ten o’clock I sit down to compose till twelve or half-past twelve, when I go to Wendling’s, where I generally write till half-past one; we then dine. At three o’clock I go to the Mainzer Hof (an hotel) to a Dutch officer, to give him lessons in galanterie playing and thorough bass, for which, if I mistake not, he gives me four ducats for twelve lessons. At four o’clock I go home to teach the daughter of the house. We never begin till half past four, as we wait for lights. At six o’clock I go to Cannabich’s to instruct Madlle. Rose. I stay to supper there, when we converse and sometimes play; I then invariably take a book out of my pocket and read…" [Keep reading]

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