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Still Life with Dragonfly and Green Grapes (+ "to enjoy with clear wonder")

I have the best family and friends who are always giving (loaning!) me awesome still life subjects like this dragonfly in perfect condition. If you're curious, dragonfly symbolism relates to wisdom of change, transformation, adaptability in life and learning through experience. It is a symbol of joy and lightness, and having a deep connection with your thoughts and emotions. Dragonflies can remind us to bring lightness and joy into life -- shining our true colors.

Related to my writings on mindful studio practice and posts about "seeing":

"...There is an ignorance that is best described as an unknowing or what Keats called a ‘negative capability’, the ability to see without trying to analyze or explain, to enjoy with clear wonder. It is the unknowing that we practice in meditation when we lay aside solutions to problems that arise... or bright ideas that we want to grab and remember or fantasies we want to indulge. In this apparent ignorance we enter true knowing. In this apparent, wasteful loss we discover that what we lose comes round again." ~Laurence Freeman OSB

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