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29 January 2016

Lemon with Leaf (+ seven red tailed hawks)

I'm fortunate and grateful that my family in Arizona mails us beautiful lemons all winter -- and recently, I received a request from one of my best collectors to paint lemons (good timing). I also got a note from another collector in which she conveyed her thrill whenever I paint something with a lighter background. VoilĂ .

Yesterday, I was out walking with my littlest niece, and she fell asleep in the stroller. A moment later, something made me look up at the sky and, I know it sounds impossible, but seven red tailed hawks were silently flying directly above us. Breathtaking.

Either last year or the year before, one of my workshop participants actually gave me a red tailed hawk feather to paint. I haven't yet, but my encounter with the seven hawks may inspire it.

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