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Red Grapes with Tuscan Parmesan (Italy 2015 painting #6)

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In 2012 when I was in Italy, I painted a very similar painting of Tuscan parmesan and red grapes in Perugia, and I had that painting in mind when I found this Tuscan parmesan in Rome last month. When I revisit subject matter such as this, for me, it adds to the visual diary of my painting travels.

The auction for Italian Clementine with Leaf from Testaccio Market, Rome ends soon, and to the right is a photo of me at the easel painting the Italian clementine with the beautiful light coming into my room in the Testaccio neighborhood in Rome.

(I also painted today's painting and my Tomatoes on the Vine, Rome (Italy 2015 painting #5) in that same spot.)

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