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28 May 2015

Morning View from Rocca Maggiore, Assisi (Italy 2015 painting #4)

It was about 80 and sunny for 10 days straight while I was in Italy. One morning in Assisi, we hiked up to the highest point, Rocca Maggiore (translation: "major fortress"), and I painted this scene.

Above you can see photos of Rocca Maggiore in Assisi and a snapshot of me at the easel (see more photos).

What is the Innernet?
The Internet is a concept that relies on a massive, complex, computer/technology network of networks of networks—all of which make it possible to access and share information on the World Wide Web. The Innernet is a metaphor for what it is that connects us to each other and to ourselves—the Ground of our being—and to Being itself. Read more.

Wait, isn’t it a contradiction?
An Online Course on Time Away from the Internet?
Yes. That’s the thing about the amazing digital time in which we live. As a painter, the contrast between my Innernet (life offline) and my Internet (life online) is immense. I frequently reflect on this contrast and often speak about it in my workshops, private instruction sessions, and during my travels. While the heart of this course takes place offline, I’m not suggesting we shun the connection economy and culture in which we live. But I hear from so many of you who feel pulled in different directions, distracted by what is digitally at your fingertips, or just wishing you had more time to do what you love. We need to cultivate a fulfilling life offline while also embracing all that makes technology remarkable. I believe we can do both. Join me.

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Italian Pecorino and Green Olives from an Assisi Market (Italy 2015 painting #2)

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