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25 May 2015

What will we actually DO? -- in my e-course, "The Innernet"

I spent most of my time completely offline while we were in Assisi and it was inspiring and rejuvenating. I've had a ton of excited responses to my upcoming 1-week online course, "The Innernet," which is open for registration. 

Take note: The $47 half price early bird discount ends in less than a week on May 31 (the full price then goes up to $97). Register today. The course dates are June 10-16. 

I've received this question a few times, so if you are also wondering "what will we actually DO in the class?" -- I am happy to share more here about the structure of the week.

1. Five days before the class begins, you will receive an email with the official course packet (PDF download) so you can print it out for yourself. I recommend putting it into a binder. The course packet is something I have worked on for about a year. It includes everything that helps me unplug and activities I’ve made up: questions to ponder, book excerpts, poems, concepts (e.g. Dunbar’s number), tasks, quotes, and more. It’s fairly hefty. There are no required assignments, but the packet is there for you if you’re anxious about unplugging or ever at a loss for something to do.

2. On the first day of class, I will host a live lecture tele-seminar to prepare us for the Innernet (unplugged) experience. You may submit questions in advance and call in to talk with me live. We’ll be recording the tele-seminars in case you can’t make it live.

3. You will then have a full day to prepare yourself and notify friends & colleagues about your plan to unplug.

4. The heart of the course is your 4-day retreat from the Internet. Unplugging can be nerve-wracking and even scary. How you unplug is up to you. I recommend turning off mail and social media alerts on your phone. You might choose to put your phone in airplane mode. You might want complete Freedom. Over the four days, it’s possible that you may need to receive text messages and/or phone calls depending on your profession or situation.

Going offline isn’t an easy thing to do, so you should definitely only do what you can and what feels right to you.

5. During your four days offline, there is no goal to be reached. You are free to just "be" and/or "do" those things you wish you had more time for: spend time with family, sit in nature, write someone a handwritten letter, garden, go hiking, read, call someone you haven’t talked to in a while, meditate, paint, dance, sit on the beach, visit a museum, take a workshop, swim, daydream, bake, knit, see a concert, exercise, and so on. The course packet you will have already printed out has no required assignments. But it is there for you as a support and a prompt if you desire a more directed time offline.

6. You will then have one day to transition back online and reflect on your four days offline.

7. On the last day of class, I will host another live lecture tele-seminar to share my own Innernet experience, hear from you about your time offline, answer questions, and talk about what comes next.

Join me.

As my fabulous Sedona workshop painters this week said, "It can't be bad to unplug for a few days."

Plus, because we're doing it together, it’s going to be fun.

Email me if you have any questions,

P.S. My complete explanation about the philosophy behind the class and my motivation for creating it can be found here.