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21 May 2015

Italian Pecorino and Green Olives from an Assisi Market (Italy 2015 painting #2)

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During my Italy travels, I first spent several days in Assisi. I had been there once before -- only for a day trip -- and felt drawn to it. I knew that I wanted to go back to paint and just spend more time. We stayed in a small flat about two minutes (actually, 99 steps) up the hill from Piazza del Comune, which is the main square of Assisi. I got these green olives in my favorite market just across the piazza, and I found this beautiful cheese in a little wine and cheese shop not far from the Basilica of Saint Francis. It's hard to see in the reproduction of the painting here, but in the reflections on the olives, I could actually see the church tower outside my window. Anyway, to the right is a photo of this painting on the easel, and you can see more of my Italy photos here.

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