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20 July 2014

An Article to Share (Sotheby's and eBay)

I offered my very first "A Painting a Day" painting for sale on eBay on Sept. 23, 2007, and I've continued to do this for almost seven years.

This week's New York Times article reports that "Sotheby’s, the blue-chip auction house, and eBay, the Internet shopping giant, plan to announce that they have formed a partnership to stream Sotheby’s sales worldwide. Starting this fall, most of Sotheby’s New York auctions will be broadcast live on a new section of eBay’s website."

In the article, under a photo of a Sotheby's Andy Warhol auction, the caption reads: "By teaming up with eBay, it hopes to reach buyers who might never come to a sale room."

This has been my experience, too. I'm very grateful I've been able to share my work with art collectors on six continents, and I continue to be in awe of the ways in which the internet enables artists to thrive.

All my best,

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