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14 June 2013

Win a FREE Private Painting Mentoring session ($450 value) [updated]

Sorry, the DEADLINE HAS PASSED -- No more submissions accepted. For more information, click here.

To enter: Fill out this two-question survey [Link Removed].

Deadline: Midnight, June 21, Philadelphia time.

Late submissions aren't accepted. Submissions with too many words may or may not bog me down.

I will personally read through everything and ONE winner will be chosen on Sunday, June 23. I'll notify everyone by email.

I will be looking for the person I think I can help the most, not "judging" your submission.

Need more information?

  1. Private Painting Mentoring is an online program, so you can be anywhere in the world (so far submissions have come in from the US, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Wales, Ireland, Morocco, UK, Australia, Singapore).
  2. High-speed internet works best.
  3. I am offering this free session because someone in my life has been beyond generous with me over the last six months, and I wish to pay it forward.
  4. Yes, I do happily work with non-painter artists.
  5. Mentoring Session will take place in Mid- to Late-July, depending on your schedule. 
  6. Here's something perhaps relevant that I came across on facebook: 

If you know folks who might be interested, please share using the links below.

Good luck and have fun,

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