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view of agios georgios, kastelli, patmos, greece, afternoon (the light / the shade) (+ "the great all")

view of agios georgios, kastelli, patmos, greece, afternoon (the light / the shade)
oil on linen on panel, 6x4 inches, 2017
AVAILABLE - Contact me at for purchase information

If you're interested, here's an excerpt from a recent email I got from a collector of my work:

"I have a friend who is a painter and I have 4 of her paintings, a series named The Singers. The paintings are of an amazing opera singer performing on stage. My friend tried to paint what she saw in the opera singer's performance. She told me that the opera singer's voice and performance captured 'the great all.' Dear Abbey, your work feels that way to me—it captures the 'great all.'" 

On a related note, I often get emailed questions about selling artwork online. It's such a multi-layered and complex topic that I find it's easier to discuss in person in my workshops/seminars or mentoring program. As much as possible, I try to share with others the ways in which the internet enables artists to thrive. There are so many of avenues for artists, and the best one(s) depend on who you are. For me: in addition to juried exhibitions, museums, and galleries, since 2007 I've sold my small paintings on eBay because it's a universal and easy-to-use auction platform that allows me to share my work with collectors all over the world. As a result, my work is in more than 1300 private and public art collections on six continents. There are many other selling platforms, but eBay is what I've always used; plus, four years ago, I posted that Sotheby's initiated a partnership with eBay.

the light / the shade exhibition at Arcadia
I will share more in the coming days, but if you enjoy this painting, you may also like to read more about my upcoming the light / the shade exhibition at Arcadia University, or see other paintings from my the light / the shade series.

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