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05 August 2015

Golden Series: Delft Vase, Blackberries, & Sour Cherry (+ still life "gifts")

Golden Series: Delft Vase, Blackberries, and Sour Cherry (the light, the shade)
4 x 5 inches, oil on linen on panel, framed, 2015
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For the new work in my current solo exhibition at Gleason Fine Art, it was my intention in every painting to include a still life object that was given to me as a gift. My mom (who is of Dutch descent) recently gave me the beautiful Delft vase in today's painting.

And one of my best friends gave me the sour cherry -- she only gave me this one cherry because A) she said she knew I would just love the leaf and B) she ate the rest.

This is the tenth painting in my Golden Series. Also, it's a little hard to see the hidden blackberry behind the cherry, but this painting is also part of my ongoing series "the light, the shade" that I began in December 2012. I wrote about Bob Lax and described my inspiration for the series here.

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