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04 August 2015

Still Life with PB & J Halves (+ Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship)

Still Life with PB & J Halves
8 x 10 inches, oil on linen on panel, framed, 2015

Two years ago, with great generosity, one of my former high school art teachers raised funds to send one of her promising senior art students to my Peto Museum workshop. It was wonderful to have this student in my workshop, and in the spirit of arts and education “paying it forward,” I invite followers of this blog to keep this generous act going. I wrote about about mindful practice as it relates to the studio, life and my teaching, and I aim to create more awareness about mindful studio practice through my Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship.

To contribute any amount you wish to the scholarship, click here.
And please first read more about it below:

If you wish to apply for the scholarship, the application form will be announced on August 18.
The first scholarship will be awarded for my October 24-25 Peto Museum workshop in NJ.
Applications will be accepted between August 18-25 at midnight EST.
The recipient will be notified by email around September 28.

  1. The goal of the Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship is to reserve one subsidized spot in each of my workshops. 
  2. The scholarship will funded entirely by voluntary donations, starting with my own contribution. 
  3. This idea will only work if you decide to contribute what you can to the scholarship fund.
  4. If you wish to contribute, donate any amount using PayPal. This is not tax-deductible just yet, but you can securely pay by credit card without having to sign up for PayPal.
  5. Yes, do both: donate to the scholarship today and then apply for it after August 18.
  6. You can sign up through PayPal to make a recurring monthly contribution.
  7. I will keep a running list of all contributors to the scholarship to thank publicly on my blog (or you can be anonymous).
  8. Scholarship awards will be based on an individual's interest, need, and merit, as described in his/her application. (I won't in any way discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.) 
  9. Ideally, one Mindful Studio Practice Scholarship will be offered in conjunction with each of my workshops. 
  10. You may contribute (any amount) to fund the scholarship:

Thanks for your generosity.

P.S. I painted a similar piece to this PBJ in 2009 -- with just one half.