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Red Pear (Yang) (+ thoughts on vision)

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Red Pear (Yin) and Red Pear (Yang) together
This is the yang to my earlier Red Pear (Yin), as part of my "yin and yang" series.

If you can see it, I painted a bit of Red Pear (Yin) along the left side of the Red Pear (Yang) canvas. I'll try to share more later, but for now I'll say that since I began studying painting in 2003, I've been interested in glances, how our mind blends fragmented visual experiences, and the synergy at work in vision.

You can see both Red Pears together here:

Workshop update
My March 28-29 Artists of Yardley workshop is more than half full now. If you're considering signing up, you can check out my last Yardley workshop photos. Also, here's some additional feedback about my teaching:
"The best experiences about the workshop with Abbey were: watching Abbey paint, the serenity and shared experience of painting with everyone there, and the permission to immerse myself in the experience and community.  I loved the energy.  And of course Abbey is simply awesome.  When an instructor can show one or two things to a student that improves their work, something the student can take away with them well, what more can you ask for?" -GK
If it's helpful, feel free to read more feedback about my workshops.

Ending Soon: Red Pear (Yin)

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