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Red Pear (Yin) (+ new workshop feedback & photos)

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This painting continues my "yin and yang" series that I began back in 2010. There will be a yang for this one, but I haven't painted it yet.

My March 28-29 Artists of Yardley workshop is already half full.

If you're considering signing up, you can check out some Yardley photos.

Also, here's some feedback about my teaching:
"Abbey is a great teacher with unsurpassed talent and sensitivity. Not only is she an extraordinary artist who can direct and mentor her students, but also she is a creator of welcome, positive, creativity-engendering space in which to share her experience. This ability helps to put her students at ease and helps them to get psyched for their own painting endeavors."  -SD
"Abbey is really so very accomplished... it was very special to meet her and be a part of the experience of watching her while teaching... amazing what the end result was! To talk and paint at the same time is quite a skill!"  -PW
If you find it helpful, you can read more new feedback about my workshops.