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Still Life with Acorn and Silver Pitcher (+ A Meditation on 7 Years)

Abbey Ryan Original Oil painting
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A Meditation on 7 Years
A Meditation for 7 Years

Today marks 7 years since I began making paintings for this blog. When I started making a painting a day, I was curious if I could develop a daily painting practice for myself. Now, seven years later, my blog has had over half a million visitors from over 100 countries, and my work is in private and public collections on six continents.

For me, my daily paintings are intensely personal, my painting practice is my meditation, and my work allows me to connect with amazing people like you.

Today, while I painted this painting (in my new north-lit studio -- can you see we're in the woods?), I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder about painting and a mindful practice that continues to allow me to feel like a beginner every time I sit down at my easel. Painting is both big and small. It is both humble and majestic. And, like a little acorn, it is both present moment and vast potential.

Today (and every day) I offer my deepest gratitude to you for your continued interest in my work. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

All my best,

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