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Blue Collection (Golden Ratio)

Blue Collection (Golden Ratio), oil on linen on panel, 6 x 7 inches, 2014

Studio Update
As I'm in the happy midst of preparations for my solo exhibition at Mason Fine Art in Atlanta in November, I am also "recovering" from moving my home and studio two weeks ago. (!) Things are finally just about close to being in order in my studio. If you're interested in seeing my beautiful new studio, let me know and I will see if I can take some decent photos of it.

About Today's Painting
This new trompe l'oeil painting of mine relates to a series of non-objective ink paintings that I've been working on since 2012 that utilize the structure of the golden ratio. I've been considering the golden ratio as not just a structure (as it is in today's painting), but as subject matter in my still life and trompe l'oeil oil paintings. More on that later.

In the meantime, if you're in the NJ area, this painting will be on view in the Peto Museum's National Juried Show of Contemporary Trompe L’oeil from September 27 – December 29, 2014. The opening reception is Friday, September 27, 2014 6-8pm. Contact the Peto Museum for details about that.

As I prepare for my Nov. 8-9 Peto Museum workshop - I am excited that I will be able to choose from Peto's objects for my own painting demo still life set up during the workshop.

If you're considering signing up, photos from last year's workshop are here. I think there may be just one spot left in the workshop.

Anyway, the Peto is a Studio Museum, so his objects are placed in situ throughout the space. During last year's workshop, I painted Still life with John F. Peto's Copper Jug, Clementine, and Concord Grapes. If you're interested, you can read more about it here.


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