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09 December 2015

Satsuma Tangerine with Leaves

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I mentioned my Innernet course yesterday, and wanted to share a bit of feedback from those who participated in the Innernet last June:

"I was immediately drawn to Abbey's description of her painting practice as meditative. I took her Innernet course because I want to find ways to be more peaceful (of course), centered, and aware of what it is like not to allow myself to be sucked into the craziness and overstimulation that news, TV, and internet can cause. Climbing out of the wormhole of those 'addictions,' even just for a few days really helped me to take a look in the mirror and realize what I had to incorporate into my life on a regular basis. The time spent reading the course material and doing some of the small exercises in awareness. The calm that I felt in doing that. This course is a specific time that you invest in to help yourself, instead of saying, 'I really should take time to myself for something enriching, inspiring, uplifting...fill in the blank.'" ~ES

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