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04 December 2015

Chinese Bowl and Asian Pear (+ Laib, Dean, Giacometti...)

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If you're interested in Morandi, or not sure if you are, this is a nice review article of the show of Morandi's work at the CIMA in NYC. It's nice to read an article about Morandi that also mentions Wolfgang Laib, Tacita Dean, Matthias Schaller, Giacometti and more.

"Morandi quickly made his own way developing his imagery of vessels sitting upon a surface, some which he painted on the inside, some on the outside to achieve his preferable colors and also to dull the surface so his light would drag across instead of racing. The atmosphere is palpable in all his work. We are breathing the Italian air, the dust from the war settling on some of the vessels. He was constant in all, working the same objects over and over in each painting, drawing, watercolor and etching sometimes placing a few more or less and starting a new work. One can dip into Morandi in any painting and come away with the sense of everything he did. His entire oeuvre coming through in the one piece. Magic, similar to looking at a Giacometti and not seeing but sensing all the layers of painting and scraping away, and painting again no longer visible but none the less there." [Read more at source]

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