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23 July 2014

Two Tangerines (+ a glimpse of my studio safety gear)

Private Collection

I teach about it in my workshops -- but I often get many email questions about this topic -- so I thought I'd post a few health precautions that I've adopted. (These are things I have researched myself and that work for me.)

Here I am (to the right) in my gear for varnishing my paintings. I use a spray varnish, so my safety protocol varnishing includes the following:
  1. Know the material (research the MSDS for the varnish)
  2. Only spray varnish outdoors (be careful about heat and humidity)
  3. Wear an appropriate P-series organic vapor cartridge respiratory mask
  4. Wear protective gear so the vapors do not absorb into skin, clothes, hair, etc. This includes goggles, gloves, suit, and mask. (My suit has a hood, which I normally do wear, just not in this photo.)
  5. Research and follow proper OSHA Handling, Storage, and Disposal
  6. Find a local Approved Chemical Waste Facility
I know I haven't gone into too much depth here, but I hope this is helpful!


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